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Tuesday Mantra Practice

Every Tuesday

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Suggested $5 donation

Join us on Tuesday evenings for your Mantra Practice.

We will  begin our Tuesday evenings with an invocation to Lord Ganesh.
Ganesh of the single tusk, the mover of obstacles, who penned  the Mahabharata with his own hands, is one of the most prominent deities in Hinduism. Ganesh has the unique distinction that his name is always invoked before any other God's name in any prayer service.

Lord Ganesha's mantra is Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha. Ganesh himself represents OM, the chief mantra or Pranava. So Ganesha is evoked before beginning any rite or work. He received this distinction as a blessing from his parents, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Ganesh is designated as the eesha(chief ) of all of Lord Shiva's ganas(servers) - hence his name, Ganesh.    

Hanuman mantra removes all fear. This mantra is a negative energy destroyer. When reciting this repeatedly, one prays that Lord Hanuman vanish the fear from our minds and bless us so we may be happy and find solutions to our problems.

Hanuman, the son of the wind god that aided Lord Rama in his expedition against evil forces, is one of the most popular idols in the Hindu pantheon. Believed to be an avatar of Lord Shiva, Hanuman is worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. Hanuman's tale in the epic Ramayana - where he is assigned the responsibility of locating Rama's wife, Sita,  abducted by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka - is known for its astounding ability to inspire and equip a reader with all the ingredients needed to face ordeals and conquer obstructions in the way of the world. 



Introductory Workshop
"Ayurveda: an introduction to the 
ancient system of healing arts"
with Dr. Kaushik
Friday, April 18th  
6:30 pm  - 8:00 pm  

Dr. Kaushik will discuss the five great elements (pancha mahabhootas), doshas, dhatus of Ayreveda.  He will discuss how Ayurvedic science considers the whole person, not just the disease, to bring balance and harmony for maintaining physical and mental health. Dietary recommendation, life style changes, yoga/exercises and supplements are discussed in detail to regain and maintain health.
Dr. Kaushik brings a unique experience as an Ayurvedic college trained Ayurvedic physician and a Naturopathic doctor with experience in public health and health education.  

Dr. Kaushik has over 26 years of experience in Ayurvedic medicine; he earned M.P.H. and M.P.A. from  University of Alabama, Birmingham and N.D. from the University of Bridgeport, where he taught Ayurvedic medicine and Public Health courses and worked as the Director of Admissions for the College of Naturopathic Medicine. He was awarded the "Dhanwanrati Award" for North America in August 2011; highest award and honor for an Ayurvedic Physician for his contribution to Ayurvedic profession and practice.    



"Crystal Stone Combinations & Space Gridding" 

With Adrienne Gammal

Wednesday, April 23rd

7:00pm - 9:00pm  $65  

This crystals class will show you how to select, organize and arrange crystals in order to bring positive energy, harmony, protection and prosperity into your environment.

You will learn how to:

* Select, cleanse and program crystals for your home or office

* Combine crystals in mandala forms for your specific intentions

* Create healing grids for your Altar, Healing room or Meditation practice

* Protective crystals for your car and travel

* Do's and Don'ts for the bedroom

* Special Crystal combinations will be made by your request!

Handouts will be provided - Please bring a pen and notebook.  We will have an amazing selection of Crystals for purchase.


Adrienne Gammal is a Certified Crystal Master Teacher and Healer, Reiki Master and guided Meditation teacher for over 20 years. She studied with Anodea Judith; Chakra Wisdom and Chakra Yoga, serving the community with her Top Quality Crystals, she loves introducing people to The Wonderful World Of Crystals and Chakras!  She currently holds workshops in NJ and NYC. 


Experiencing Divinity Through  

"A Course in Miracles" 

With Raymond Boeri 

Study Group Sessions -continues Thursday, April 24


7:00pm  $15 per class                           


Join with Namaste Bookshop's own Raymond Boeri as he takes you through an exploration of A Course in Miracles, a thought system in book form that can help us transform our individual preoccupations with  "seeking" and "becoming" into the total acceptance of fully "being," and affirming our Oneness with all life everywhere through the practice of forgiveness.

Raymond will guide you through a study of the daily exercises that comprise the Workbook for Students, the "practice component" of this thought system, whose intention is to help us transform and, ultimately, undo the ego and move us into a greater experience of "perfect spirit." He will also help you understand the theoretical Text of the Course  as the necessary philosophical underpinning of the daily exercises. Raymond will also integrate his understandings from other teachers to help us ground, once and for all,  the feeling of non-separation from life, beyond the belief of it.  

 Raymond has been a member of the Namaste Bookshop family since October 2011. He is an ordained interfaith minister, grief counselor, medical and addiction/recovery intuitive, life coach and long-time meditator.




"How to Dismantle Killer Stress  

and Induce the Alpha State: at the Same Time!"

with Dr. Tom Sullivan

Friday, April 25th

6:30pm - 8:00pm $25


Stress is the number one killer in our society today. It makes any and all disease processes worse. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, ulcers, hypertension, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, radiating pains, numbness, tingling, depression, negative self-talk, duress, nervousness, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and many more conditions are made much worse when stress is introduced.


What if there were a way to effectively combat stress without the harmful side effects of drugs or chemicals. What if there was a way to enhance the alpha brain wave state instantly? What if there was a way to promote a positive, inner actualized, life enhancing mood as opposed to a negative, outer reactive stress state? What if this could be done while reducing or even eliminating all of those troublesome aches and pains we tend to experience as we age: neck and low back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, leg pain, sciatica, numb arms or hands, or pain between the shoulder blades?


In this powerful presentation, Dr. Sullivan will discuss how stress is killing our society, specifically how it causes problems with our health, why it is the number one cause of aches and pains, and the number one cause of degeneration. He will also discuss the horrible side effects of dealing with stress by drugs and harsh chemicals.

Dr. Tom Sullivan is a lifelong competitive athlete who discovered the benefits of stress reduction practices as a student-athlete earning his bachelor's degree at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

After graduating from Hopkins, with a passion for natural health and helping people, he decided to earn his doctorate of chiropractic. He graduated from Life University in Atlanta, in 1997, and has been helping people in a very profound way ever since.


Now, at his private practice in downtown Manhattan, Dr. Sullivan practices what many call the most effective, reproducible, hands on manual stress reduction technique ever developed. Unlike any traditional forms of chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, meditation, or visualization, his unique technique promotes the emergence of the alpha wave frequency in the brain. This alpha wave state is the most healing, inner reverent, and peaceful of all of the brain wave frequencies. As a result of nurturing the alpha state within people via his work, Dr. Sullivan's patients report incredible spiritual improvements above and beyond the usual associated relief of aches and pains.


Psychic Tarot

With Nancy Antenucci 

Author of "Psychic Tarot: Using Your Natural Abilities to Read the Cards"  

Readings, Monday, April 28th  

12:00pm - 4:00pm -Book now by calling 212-645-0141/1014

$30 for 15 minutes 

$60 for half hour

$100 for a full hour                             

Nancy Antenucci will be available for readings at Namaste on Monday, 

April 28th.  Book now by calling 212-645-0141/1014 

And join Nancy for her workshop:

6 Principals Workshop 

Tuesday April 29th

6:30pm - 8:30pm   $50                      

Join Nancy as she guides you through 6 Principles that provide a strong backbone for any reading whether using Tarot cards or not. Six Principles:  Grounding, Intent, Form, Synchronicity, Closure and Integration.  There will be an initial discussion, a short guided visualization, lots of hands on exercise and time for Q&A near the end. You will find some nugget for yourself whether you are brand new to tarot or are a seasoned practitioner.  

Please bring your tarot deck and your curiosity!
Nancy Antenucci is literally a mover and shaker in the Tarot world. Besides presenting, reading and collaborating with others, she is also an author of "Psychic Tarot - Using Your Natural Abilities to Read the Cards", an offering of the first 20 years of a fierce, creative exploration of Tarot and the Psychic. Creativity and curiosity were the guiding forces in her self directed journey of learning the language of Tarot. From this personal foundation, her teaching and reading style is based on the belief that each of us have an inherent ability to dialogue with the visible imagery of symbols and the invisible energy of the Creative Unknown. Her style balances fun, passion and seriousness that challenges limiting narratives for mythic potentials. 



Dawoud Meditation Classes

May 14th, & June 4th   


Namaste will present Dawoud in a music meditation. Dawoud is a musician, composer, improviser, writer, author, and volunteer Islamic / Sufi Minister for the New York City Department of Corrections. He will lead a music meditation with live improvised music and poetry. Using a blend of acoustic and electronic sounds, and modern and ancient musical forms, Dawoud will open your spirit to a healing and instructive experience. Discover the value and spiritual benefits of mystic music in this unique and beautiful gathering. 



How to Discover and Use your Money Mantra”


with Cary Bayer
Part I - June 26th
At many of the 20,000 meals you ate growing up in your parents’ home, you imbibed their beliefs about money—many of them quite disempowering. Taken together, the most negative thoughts from your mother and the most negative from your father create your own Family Money Lie.  Your Money Mantra, on the other hand, is the empowering message that turns this lie on its head and enables you to transform your family’s limiting message and begin creating the financial abundance you were born to enjoy.




by Andrea Adler
Thursday, May 8th
6:30pm - 8:00pm  

 Pushing Upward is not a Bra! It's a State of Mind!  Winner of the Los Angeles Book Festival Award and Hay House "Pick of the Month", this fascinating Roman clef takes us through one epic year in the life of 21-year-old Sandra Billings. While trying to eke out a living as an actress in L.A., she discovers the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle; and uses it as her GPS to navigate a torrid love affair, battle with demons of the past, and search for meaning and truth.

How do we know we are making the right decisions? How can we be certain we are following the right path - our souls destiny? Adler examines the art of divine intervention, divination tools, and how we can stop the never-ending pitfalls of indecisiveness and tap into knowing every step of the way we are in sync with our highest purpose.

Adler will also discuss the history of the I Ching, demonstrate with an audience member how to ask the oracle appropriate question, toss the coins and reveal the oracle's answer.

Andrea Adler, referred to as the "Metaphysical Marketer," is the founder of Holistic PR, an international speaker, workshop presenter and consultant. Adler pioneered Holistic Marketing in the early 80's and has authored: PR for The Holistic Healer, Creating an Abundant Practice, The Science of Spiritual Marketing: Initiation into Magnetism. She has written over 50 articles translated in five languages, toured the world with her methodology, and for over 30 years has supported small business owners, authors, cultural creatives and entrepreneurs to discover, message and market their products and services


Komyo Reiki Kai Level III (Okuden). Inner Teachingsjyoganhires-1-.jpg

May 11th 2014 from 3-9:00pm $350


To Register call us at (212) 645-0141

Learn and be Attuned to the final Reiki Symbol (often called the "master symbol" in the west) and enter the inner Reiki teachings to begin a lifelong spiritual path of Reiki practice.

The course is open to anyone who has completed Reiki 2 with any teacher. Includes Manual as used in Japan and Komyo Reiki Kai Level 3 Practitioner Certification.

Jyogan Hakata-Kohler is a Buddhist lay teacher and Reiki Shihan (Teacher) who studied Reiki while he was living in Kyoto, Japan with Buddhist Priest and Reiki Shihan Hyakuten Inamoto.

You will learn to practice Reiki directly from its roots in Japan.

Jyogan Hakata-Kohler is a Buddhist lay teacher and Reiki Shihan (Teacher) who studied Reiki while he was living in Kyoto, Japan with Buddhist Priest and Reiki Shihan Hyakuten Inamoto.You will learn to practice Reiki directly from its roots in Japan. For more information please visit www.PureVowReiki.com  



Book Signing and Talk


"Sacred Sound"


by Alanna Kaivalya


Tuesday, May 13th


6:30pm - 8:30pm  




In yoga practice, mantra and kirtan (call-and-response devotional chanting) get short shrift in the West because they aren't well understood, though they are an integral part of almost every Eastern spiritual practice. They are designed to provide access into the psyche while their underlying mythology helps us understand how our psychology affects daily life. Sacred Soundshares the myths behind the mantras and kirtans, illuminating their meaning and putting their power and practicality within reach of every reader.

Each of the twenty-one mantras and kirtans presented includes the Sanskrit version, the transliteration, the translation, suggestions for chanting, the underlying myth, and its modern-day implications. Based on Alanna Kaivalya's years of teaching and studying the myths and sacred texts, this book offers a way into one of the most life-changing aspects of yoga practice.




Alanna Kaivalya is the founder of the Kaivalya Yoga Method and an internationally known teacher and author. In 2008 Yoga Journal recognized Alanna as one of the Top 21 Teachers Under 40. Her first book, Myths of the Asanas, showcased the myths behind the poses, and she has developed an e-course based on the work of Joseph Campbell called Following Bliss: A Modern Mystic's Guide to the Hero's Journey, which teaches practical tools for inspired living. In her decade-plus of studying mythology, eastern spirituality, philosophy, and yoga, she has traveled the world and taught at conferences, teacher trainings, and workshops. She offers teacher training in the Kaivalya Yoga Method as well as Pure Yoga Immersion. She is currently a PhD candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Join her community atalannak.com


Voyager Tarot 

with James Wanless, PhD. 

Creator of the Voyager Tarot Deck, Visionary, Educator, Artist, New Thought Leader

Voyager Tarot Readings

Thursday, May 15th

& Friday, May 16th

12:00pm - 8:00 pm

 30 min readings - $85

60 Min Readings - $150

Dr. Wanless talks about his new book 


Friday, May 16th   Free

The place for VOYAGER TAROT training  in  

New York City; Namaste

Saturday, May 17th 
          11:00am - 6:00pm            

For Beginners and Experienced Readers $85

Register Today! - 212-645-0141/1014

This hands-on  class taps the power of your subconscious as you celebrate your own personal hero/she-ro journey. Upon completion, you will be able to do the same for others. You'll receive personal training from Dr. James Wanless .

James Wanless is an internationally recognized and best selling author, keynote speaker, futurist and consultant. He is an internationally known coach and creativity consultant, teaching strategic goal-setting and innovation techniques to corporations and individuals worldwide.


Llewellyn Author Week in May


Namaste Bookshop  

Llewellyn Author Week

May 19th through 26th


May 19; Rachel Pollack  

"The New Tarot Handbook: Master the Meanings of the Cards"

Finding Your Style of Reading in the Major Arcana of the Tarot

How would the Magician read someone's cards? How would the High Priestess, or the Empress? What would the Devil do? How does a Sun reading differ from a Moon reading?   The 22 named and numbered cards of the Major Arcana are the core of the Tarot, what makes it unique. These cards form a spiritual teaching, a series of lessons, and a set of meanings that we can use in readings. But they also embody different approaches to life and its challenges, including the very act of reading the cards. We will look at the different readings suggested by the cards, try a few out to discover their differences, and then try a technique for each person to discover her or his own way of reading the cards. This workshop is experiential and open to all levels. Please bring along a Tarot deck.

Rachel Pollack is the author of 36 books of award-winning fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art. Her Tarot books are praised all over the world as "the Bible of Tarot readers." Her work has been translated into 14 languages, and she has taught workshops across the United States, and in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and China.


May 20; Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson - "Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy & Heighten Pleasure"

Relationship as Spiritual Practice: A Tantric Approach

Our Guru's Guru defined love as "profound interest." In this workshop, we will explore some elements of successful relating and provide practical tools for sustaining your connection, while cultivating a sense of reverence, regardless of relationship style and sexual praxis. A simple shift in consciousness is all it takes when the going gets tough, and consciously maintaining an attitude of interest in your partner will make the good times even better. This approach applies ancient Tantric concepts to modern conditions.

Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson are a devoted married couple. They have been creative collaborators - teaching and writing about sexuality and Tantra together - since 1999. Michaels and Johnson are the authors of Partners in Passion (Cleis 2014), Great Sex Made Simple, Tantra for Erotic Empowerment, and The Essence of Tantric Sexuality. Their books have garnered numerous awards: Independent Publishing (IPPY), ForeWord Reviews, and USA Book News Best Books, among others. They are also the creators of the meditation CD set Ananda Nidra: Blissful Sleep. To support the pleasure-positive community in New York, they co-founded Pleasure Salon in 2007.


May 21; Sasha Graham  

"365 Tarot Spreads, Revealing the Magic in Each Day"

Launch Party - 

Questioning Tarot 365 Days a Year, The Power and Joy of Daily Practice

Great power lies within Tarot and yourself but how do you unleash it? Rote memorization of card meanings is not the answer. True mastery of the cards lay in the questions you ask. Good inquiry and smart spreads are the cornerstone of enlightened readings for yourself and others. And it leads to personal evolution. But how do you know what the right questions are? How can you receive the most powerful answer? How can you reach out and manifest all your dreams and desires? What makes a good tarot spread? We will examine the nature of self-determination, destiny, desires and dreams. We'll look at powerful questions guaranteed to evoke change simply by asking them. Because one simple question can alter the course of your life. And we will celebrate the grace and power of tarot put to use every day of the year.


May 22; Michelle Arbeau  

"The Energy of Words: Harness the Vibration of Language to Manifest the Life You Desire"

Power Words: The Key to Manifesting the Life You Truly Desire

The Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like" and what we think about most often becomes our reality. We think, speak and write in words and language plays a huge role in the life we create for ourselves. Words have started and ended wars, built and destroyed nations, created peace, saved lives, launched life-changing movements, formed musical or literary masterpieces, and brought clarity or misunderstanding to people and situations for centuries. The power of words is unmatched in terms of human expression. No other form of communication has the ability to profoundly affect and drastically change both our inner and outer world like words.

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized celebrity numerologist, multi-published author, inspirational speaker, and radio and television host. She is frequently a repeat guest on radio and television outlets such as CBC radio, CTV Morning Live, Cititv, Breakfast Television, LA Talk Radio. She lives in Los Angeles, California.





Upcoming Workshops with Dr. Andrew Vidich:

"Introduction to Mindfulness" Workshop

Wednesday, May 28th

Part 2 Advance Mindfulness Training Workshops

Wednesdays, June 11th, 18th & 25th  

This unique integrative approach utilizes a full spectrum of proven life enhancing and life changing  tools and techniques: including, insights from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, yogic techniques as well as traditional body/mind preparatory practices. Some of the individual and group activities include, quiet reflection, interactive discussion, storytelling, one on one coaching, compassionate listening, and guided meditation.  

Dr. Andrew Vidich is an award winning author, consultant, and transformational speaker, in the fields of spirituality and leadership. His books include Love is a Secret, critically acclaimed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences which stated that "it provided a great service to readers interested in the deeper dimensions of mystical love."  He co-authored The Heart of the Healer, an investigation into the nature of healing, which sold more than twenty thousand copies. He was also a contributor to The Heart of Healing, which won a National Book Award for best anthology on health and healing. His most recent book is Light upon Light: 5 Master Pathways to Awaken the Mindful Self.


The Language of Astrology Part 1 

with Maria Rodriguez

Saturday, June 7th

11:00am - 4:00pm

 $80 each class ($150 for both classes)

Come join us for a 1 day exploration into the exciting field of Astrology. 

You will learn the signs of the Zodiac and what they mean. You will be able to identify:  

-The symbols associated with the signs plus the correspondence between the signs and their elements.

-The association between the signs and their corresponding planets.  

-The importance of the planets for chart interpretation.

-What each of the 12 sections of chart wheel means. How the signs relate to the houses.  

-Most of all which house is connect with  work, love, health.

Putting it all together. We we will interpret  the key aspects of our own chart and our fellow students chart.

As part of this program please email Maria Rodriguez to have a chart created at Selfhealing1@gmail.com Please specify that you registered for the class.

Maria Rodriguez has been in the Holistic field for 20 years, an Inter-Faith Minster Spiritual Counselor and a Reiki Master. Astrology is her passion she has a private practice and has taught Astrology both in the United States and Abroad.

And join Maria for part 2:

 The Language of Astrology: Part 2 

Saturday, June 14th

11:00am - 4:00pm

 $80 each class ($150 for both classes)


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