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Don Jose Ruiz this Saturday!

"My Good Friend the Rattlesnake" with Don Jose Ruiz   
November 1st
1-5pm $85   
For Tickets 
Call : 212 260 2866 or       

A personal and candid account, "My Good Friend the Rattlesnake" describes don Jose's journey of self-discovery and transformation. As a teenager, don Jose became lost in the misery of drug addiction and spiraled into a pattern of self- destruction until the death of a dear friend woke him to the reality of his bad choices.

In a series of personal anecdotes, don Jose shares lessons learned from his painful experiences, gleaning from the wisdom of his father and from the traditions of swamis and shamans, and offers insights on how to discover your true and unique purpose in life.


In 2010 don Jose Ruiz released his first book, The Fifth Agreement, in partnership with his father don Miguel Ruiz.  Following this publication don Jose began traveling around the world delivering his positive message of motivation and change to people all over the United States, South America, Mexico, Israel, Japan, and Europe. His message is changing lives and bringing people closer to themselves more than ever before.  Don Jose inspires lives by sharing the wisdom of his family lineage through his own life experiences. He enjoys working with people of all faiths and cultures and sees all men and women as equals.  Don Jose shows his love and gratitude for life through his teachings and feels it's a blessing to be alive.  Don Jose recently released two new books entitled Ripples of Wisdom and his personal story, My Good Friend the Rattlesnake.  He continues to travel around the world spreading positivity, motivation, love, and creative growth through his inspiring lectures


Don Jose Ruiz was born and raised in Mexico, and at the age of 21, he came to the United States to live and study with his father, don Miguel Ruiz (teacher and bestselling author of The Four Agreements).

Mantra & Meditation  
Meditation Workshop
"Igniting the Spark of the Divine" 
with Dr. Andrew Vidich 
Thursday, October 30th 
7:00pm - 9:00pm


Meditation is a technique which connects you with inner light and love. It offers a new perspective on life. Once you learn to tap into your spiritual center and experience divine light within, you can undergo a profound personal transformation.

Join Dr. Vidich, who is an accomplished, author, educator and international speaker for this lively workshop on "Igniting the Spark Within" by Rajinder Singh.   
Dr. Andrew Vidich, PhD, is an award-winning author, consultant, and international speaker. His books include Love Is a Secret and Light Upon Light: 5 Master Paths to Awakening the Mindful Self. Andrew has been an adjunct assistant professor of religion at Manhattan College and Iona College in New Rochelle, New York. His latest book, Let There Be Light: Experiencing Light Across the World's Sacred Traditions, is forthcoming. 
Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing

"John Of God"

Crystal Bed
Chakra Clearing Sessions with Lolita Kaplan
every Saturday
starting November 1st 1:00pm-6:00pm
$100 per hour session


Amrita (Lolita Kaplan) is a student of Alaya and has been a dedicated follower of Raja Yoga for the past 17 years, and works with and teaches people who are looking to change their life as well. Stress Management and Personal Development through spirituality is the main foundation of her teachings, while healing sessions are applied to benefit the physical and energy aspects. Amrita works one-on-one as well as in group settings.


The theories that lay the foundational groundwork for her teachings come from Esoteric Schools, like Raja Yoga, (Patanjali Sutras), Zen, Tao, Tantra, and Vedanta. Through the use of many of the various practices and techniques she is knowledgeable in, she has the ability to increase relaxation and interpret dreams. She also has the ability to explain and cleanse karma as well as teach breath work, sound, and body movement - all of which she has mastered through her extensive studies with Alaya, and through various schools during her travels.


Tarot Card Readings 
with Fianna Avila

EveryWednesday 1pm-5pm 

**AND NOW THE 1st & 3rd SUNDAYS OF EVERY MONTH12pm-4:30pm**
(starting November 2nd & November 16th
$30 for a 15 minute reading
$60 for a 30 minute reading 

Fianna Avila has had fifteen years experience as a tarot reader, what started off as a hobby turned into something much more meaningful, and an eventually an incredible journey. Having been blessed with the gift of clairvoyance, empathy, and channeling, allows her to tailor her sessions to ones individual needs, wants, and concerns.  She is also a developing spiritualist, studying Crystal Reiki and Pranic healing. Her style of reading is highly developed and modern, as she takes psychic consulting away from mystical vagueness and applies it to information based around real life choices, assisting you to be an empowered co creator of your life. Offering honesty and realism in her readings. She prides herself on having a non-egotistical and down to earth approach allowing her to specialize in love and relationships.


Tuesday Mantra Practice

With Rakesh Samani
Tues., October 28th
7:00pm - 8:30pm   
$5 Suggested Donation 

(Donations will go to Women, Men & Children Amputees in India)

Join us on Tuesday evenings forMantra Practice.
We will  begin our evenings with an invocation to Lord Ganesh.  Ganesh of the single tusk, the remover of obstacles, who  penned the Mahabharata with his own hands, is one of the most prominent deities in Hinduism.  

We also invoke the Hanumanmantra which removes all fear. 
When reciting this repeatedly, one prays that Lord Hanuman vanishes all fears from our minds and blesses us so that we may be happy and find solutions to our problems.



Komyo Reiki Level 1 
Beginners Class
with Jyogan
Sunday, November 9th

Space is limited to 7 call us at (212) 645-0141 to register a few seats remain


Learn and be Attuned to Reiki Energy for the rest of your life and begin your practice. 

Learn to use the energy on yourself and others.

Included Komyo Reiki Kai Manual and practice time. 
Jyogan Hakata-Kohler is a Buddhist lay teacher and Reiki Shihan (Teacher) who studied Reiki while he was living in Kyoto, Japan with Buddhist Priest and Reiki Shihan Hyakuten Inamoto. Jyogan is currently producing a documentary about Hyakuten Inamoto. You will learn to practice Reiki directly from its roots in Japan. 

For more information please visit www.KomyoReiki.net


Conversations with History 
by Susan Lander 
Tuesday, November 11th 
6:30pm-8:30pm Free 

We followed the ups and downs of their lives in the media. We know about their mistakes, their struggles and their joys. But have you ever wondered how celebrities and public figures such as Andy Warhol, Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs would reflect on their lives since they passed? In an unprecedented reading experience, Conversations with History sheds some light.


As a psychic medium, Susan Lander interviewed twenty-two spirits who were famous (or infamous) during their time on earth. Ranging from 600 BC to 2011, these renowned personalities-Ben Franklin, Abbie Hoffman, Frederick Douglass, Andy Warhol, Farrah Fawcett, Betsy Ross, Charlemagne, Gandhi, Henry Ford, Marie Laveau, Leni Riefenstahl, Sappho, Albert Einstein, Nostradamus, Dudley Moore, Walt Disney, Eva Perón, Louis Armstrong, John Belushi, Patrick Swayze, Kurt Vonnegut, and Steve Jobs-have returned to share their most important messages with us.  




Numbers and You 
by Lloyd Strayhorn
November 12th 
If you can count on your fingers you can use numerology. Learn how to harness the power of numbers with this unique guide, and reveal the secrets of your personality, which lottery numbers you should choose, when is the best time to make decisions, what cities are best for you to live in, how can you tell if someone is right for you, and much, much more. 


And don't forget to book a reading with one of our readers. For a full list of our readers and their schedules, visitwww.namastebookshop.com/readers. 


Japanese Mantra Class
with Frans Stiene 
Thursday, November 13th 
6:30pm-8pm free


Frans Stiene will be hosting a Japanese mantra class at Namaste Bookstore in NY from 6.30pm till 8pm. You will learn some specific ancient esoteric Japanese mantras for spiritual development and healing. During the evening we will chant these mantras so that you get the direct experience of what they mean and what they can do for you. Noted Reiki Teacher Frans has now also been training with Japanese Shingon and Shugendo Priests in Japan. He will also perform a Japanese spiritual blessing for everybody who is attending this class. Frans will also be signing his Reiki books after the event which will also be available for purchase. 

"Clearing and Opening the Chakras with Intention, Essential Oils and Rituals"
with Kate Becker
Sunday, November 23rd 1:00pm-4:00pm
Therapeutic Perfumer, Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Master/Teacher, 
Kate Becker, will talk in depth about the seven chakras, how to identify blocks and provide suggestions for effective ways to open the chakras using Essential Oils together with Visualization, Energy and Clear Intention.

In addition to addressing the individual chakras and ways to move toward balance, this workshop will provide an overview on Aromatherapy and include a guided Chakra Meditation with live music. 

Kate will introduce effective healing tools and give recommendations to manifest healing, recharge your body and reveal your individual gifts.


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