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Weekly Mantra & Meditation
with Guru Dileepji
Every Tuesday


Suggested Donation $10


Dileepji is a world renowned Yogi from Kerala, India. His 
 family is ancient and well respected for its Vedicknowledge 
 of Universal Spirituality, Yoga, Vedanta,
 Ayurveda, Kalaripayattu, natural self healing systems, Sanskrit, literature, art, social & cultural activities and interfaith teachings for peace. 
  In his yogic life journeys, he met and learned from self-realized masters, Himalayan saints & honored yogis, and alternative medical doctors. Guruji received many divine visions from a young age. He developed an intense desire to preserve and pass on the timeless wisdom existing in his native lush state of Kerala and traveled throughout India. Having experienced yoga for over 45 years, Guruji lived in Himalayan caves, ashrams, and palaces as well as living under Gurukula (guru-sishya-sambradaya), and modern educational systems. He is a scholar in modern and ancient techniques of yoga and related subjects. Guruji is an honorable guest speaker and judge in many international conferences, events, competitions, festivals and is a recipient of several peace awards and titles for his yogic services to humanity. He is considered to be a new age celebrity yogi who has multifaceted talents and a wide range of friends from homeless people he serves to diplomats. He often gives discourses and is interviewed by media around the world. Guruji has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation since childhood and conducts yoga training and inter-faith programs worldwide. He is involved with numerous nonprofit organizations including NGOs from United Nations. Guruji is a registered member of Yoga Alliance RYT-500 and ERYT-500

Reiki Healing


Treatment Sessions

with Jyogan
are now offered every
Wednesday evening 
  • $25 for a 15- minute sample session for those new to Reiki and would like to try it
  • $50 for a 30-minute full session. The entire front of the body is covered
  • $100 for a 60-minute full session. The entire front and back of the body are covered

Call us at 212-645-0141 to book an appointment

drop-in appointments welcomed 


Monthly Reiki Share  
sharenew.jpgwith Jyogan Hakata-Kohler

Sunday, jan 25th

& Fourth Sunday of every month

5:30pm - 8:00pm 



This is a monthly Reiki Share in the style of the share held at Daizen-in Temple in Kyoto, Japan by Reiki Master Hyakuten Inamoto. A Reiki "Share" is just that, people sharing Reiki, and it is open to anyone even if you have never tried Reikibefore!   So, if you're new to Reiki this is a great chance to try it!  Everyone will receive group-style Reiki where one person at a time will lie on the table while the others give Reiki.  And a basic Reiju (Attunement) will be given to all who attend. 

reiki2chuden.jpgTraditional Japanese Reiki:

Komyo Reiki Kai 

Level 2 Chuden Class
Komyo Reiki Kai
with Jyogan Hakata-Kohler 
Sunday, January 8th 
3pm-9pm $225 
Limited to 7 attendees 
a few seats remain
- to register call us at 

Expand your Reiki Practice. Become attuned to the first 3Reiki Symbols. Learn to do distant Reiki Healing Includes Komyo Reiki Kai manual and Komyo ReikiKai Level 2 Certification. 

This class is open to anyone who had taken Reiki 1 with any teacher. You will learn the differences between Japanese and Western Reiki.

Jyogan Hakata-Kohler studied Reiki directly in Kyoto, Japan while he was living there in the sacred city where Reiki originated. He studied with Reiki Shihan (Teacher) Hyakuten Inamoto. He is producing a documentary on Hyakuten Inamoto. And he has also hosted and worked with noted Reiki teachers from around the world. Jyogan  passes this direct connection to Reiki's Source on to you. 
For more information please visit:
John of God Crystal Bed Sessions   


Chakra Clearing Sessions 
"John Of God" Crystal Bed            
with Lolita Kaplan
hourly sessions every 
$100 per hour session


Amrita (Lolita Kaplan) is a student of Alaya and has been a dedicated follower of Raja Yoga for the past 17 years, and works with and teaches people who are looking to change their life as well. Stress Management and Personal Development through spirituality is the main foundation of her teachings, while healing sessions are applied to benefit the physical and energy aspects. Amrita works one-on-one as well as in group settings.


The theories that lay the foundational groundwork for her teachings come from Esoteric Schools, like Raja Yoga, (Patanjali Sutras), Zen, Tao, Tantra, and Vedanta. Through the use of many of the various practices and techniques she is knowledgeable in, she has the ability to increase relaxation and interpret dreams. She also has the ability to explain and cleanse karma as well as teach breath work, sound, and body movement - all of which she has mastered through her extensive studies with Alaya, and through various schools during her travels.

Numerology Readings 
now available!
Alara Phoenix Numerology Readings
staring on January 14th, 2015
12noon - 4pm $30 for every 15 minutes
Alara is an Astro-Numerologist, Tarot card reader, and a Reiki level III practitioner who works at  Namaste Bookshop helping and educating customers on crystals, cards, and other holistic items Namaste has to offer. She uses a combination of two ancient divination systems, astrology and numerology, to help individuals create and balance the life they seek.


Alara has been studying and practicing the metaphysical sciences since she was a college undergraduate.  Her passion for fitness and health became her foundation for wanting to improve the community's physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  Alara discovered her spiritual path through astro-numerology and her desire is to use the same modality to help people discover theirs. 

Alara's consultations will tell you when to expect growth and changes throughout your life. She can analyze and predict your personal challenges, hidden obstacles, vocations, life cycles, talents, karmic lessons, growth periods and more with just your name and birthday!

"Everyone and everything has a cycle. If you harvest during your germination period, you will end up impoverished. Knowing your cycles is a map to a fruitful life."   ~ Alara Phoenix



Amma Satsang 
1st & 3rd Sundays every month
6:00pm - 8:00pm 
Monthly Reiki Share
with Jyogan 
Every 4th Sunday of the Month 
Next date:
January 25th
5:30pm - 8:00pm 
Elixir Light Qi Gong 
with Dan Kowakofski 
Every Monday evening
two sessions now available! 
6:30pm - 7:30pm $20
drop-ins ok




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