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Andrea (DopeWitchKira) - Tarot Readings, Clairvoyant & Claircognizant

rsz-1img-7890.jpg Andrea (DopeWitchKira)
Tarot Readings, Clairvoyant & Claircognizant Readings

Tuesday    4pm – 8pm
Thursday  4pm – 8pm

Blessed with psychic gifts at birth Andrea cultivated two gifts very young. Andrea is a clairvoyant and claircognizant intuitive with an innate talent for divination. Andrea has been practicing tarot for 9 years (2013).

Andrea tabled for college events through the years ‘17-2019 and as of the past 2 years reading for others as my profession. Andrea continuously is expanding her practice taking time to formally learn numerology, other divination forms, astrology, chakras, breathwork, and other holistic forms of healing. Certification in grounding work as well as her psychology and anthropology background has aided in structuring her practice; Allowing her to give authentic insight and advice aiding the human experience spiritually in practical steps.