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Milcah G. - Tarot and Oracle card Readings, Light Language Channeling


   Milcah G.
Tarot and Oracle card Readings, Light Language Channeling

Milcah has been channeling through divine messages with tarot and oracle cards for the past7 years. She Uses Tarot and oracle cards as a form of communication with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and her Spiritual Team. Having a healing and calming presence since childhood, she helps people reconnect with their inner calm Centre, which in turn helps them to reconnect with themselves. Milcah Started opening up to extending her natural gifts to others when she became certified in Reiki in 2016. She participated in health events for community centers, and through her healing and spiritual gifts she clairaudiently and clairvoyantly channeled through divine messages for her clients. 
An advocate of love and compassion for self and all, Milcah's goal is to help people see the spark in their lives, and the divinity of their path. She carries the intention of delivering the divine and sacred message of love in everything that she does. A reminder and message from Milcah to all "you are lovable, and you are so WORTHY of love!"