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Abhinandan Bains - Psychic Soul Card Readings & Reiki Healing Sessions


Psychic/Medium Readings And Energy Healing Sessions

Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

Abhinandan is a Psychic - clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, Empath and Medium. Your questions regarding love, relationships and career will be answered by tapping into your energetic field and using the soul cards. As a medium, she can connect with your loved ones to give you special messages.
Abhinandan is a certified Angelic Quantum healer and a certified Reiki Master. Using her gifts to tap into the infinite, she uses the sacred geometry or the medicine wheel calling upon the ancestral spirits to bring about healing at the soul level. Her sessions clear the auric field, align the chakras and balance the overall energy making one feel empowered, balanced, and in harmony with themselves.
 Reading and Healing Rates

15-minute readings are $35 | 30-minute readings are $70