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Yoga Attire


Yoga is a practice of rhythmic breathing - counted breathing in an out. It also involves a lot of flexibility exercises or poses called asanas. Because of these two reasons, it is necessary for the yoga attire to allow comfortable deep breathing and flexible movements.

Shopping for yoga attire is as stress-reliever as yoga itself. For some types of yoga, there are specific yoga wear needed. In general, the attire has to be flexible, soft, and fitted to the skin so you could move freely around and in different positions without getting peeked in.

For the yoga pants, look for the cotton that’s soft and breathable. It is also better to get the cotton with spandex material so you could also have the stretchable quality needed in the asanas. Do stay away from the 100% nylon or spandex as it lacks the water-absorbent quality of cotton. Remember that during yoga, you will surely sweat. Also, do not get the pants with a string on it because when you bend over you might get yourself hurt with it. Do get the pants with an elastic waistband on it instead. It is also advisable to get the yoga pants which are not too tight when you bend your knees and waist.

For the ladies, it is also best to get the sports bra as it allows the most comfort among the other bras. Also it covers the chest more than your regular bra which has wirings underneath. Some women prefer to wear the sports bra on its own during yoga. Like the yoga pants, the sports bra has to snuggly fit without being too tight.

If you don’t like the sports bra, you could get a yoga top which is usually a tank top, a sleeveless, or a racerback. Just like that of the yoga pants and sports bra, get the cotton-spandex material that could absorb your sweat. There are yoga tops that have a built-in bra in it, so you could skip the sports bra.

As for Bikram Yoga, the less clothing the better. You might ask why this is so, it is because this yoga is practiced in a room in high temperature. Use the shorts or sports bra. If not comfortable with sports bra, use the tank top instead. For the males just use shorts.

For Kundalini Yoga since this is focused on raising the energies in the chakras from the base to the spine, it is preferred to use color white attire. White is representative of light which is the combination of all the colors in the spectrum, also of the colors of the chakras.

When buying yoga attire, also ask for the recommendation from your yoga studio or teacher. To purchase yoga accessories, visit our store at 2W 14th St., New York, NY.