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Spearmint Oil


Spearmint plant

Spearmint is the cousin of peppermint, both of which belongs to the mint the family. The scientific name of spearmint is Mentha spicata. Both peppermint and spearmint is used for indigestion, toothpaste, gum, candies, mouthwash, and food additive. The difference between the two is that spearmint leaves emerge directly from the stem, while peppermint has a tiny stalk first where it is attached. Spearmint oil is confused with caraway oil, which has a similar scent. Caraway oil though is hardly used in aromatherapy.

Here are the ways you could use spearmint essential oil:

1. As antispasmodic for indigestion and colic. For adults mix a drop of spearmint oil to a cup of warm water and drink it in 5 minutes. For babies over 3 months, you could give the same mixture but only a teaspoon at a time. Wait for another 30 minutes before giving another teaspoon. Give up to 3 teaspoons a day.

2. To counteract travel sickness/nausea. Put 1 drop of spearmint oil to your tissue and use it to inhale. If you have a spearmint tea you could also use it.

A word of caution, do not use spearmint oil during nausea secondary to chemotherapy because you could associate the nausea to the spearmint taste and aroma. This means, the next time you smell spearmint, you could get nauseous. Like peppermint it could also cause allergic reactions to your nose.

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