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12 Apostles


"And when it was day, he called unto him his disciples; and of them he chose twelve, whom also he named apostles;" - Luke 6:13

The word apostles came from the Greek word apostolos which means “sent one”(1). There are criteria that Jesus Christ used when selecting the 12 apostles. These are – Jesus met them in person, Jesus personally chosen and invited them, and they have “been endued with divine credentials (signs.)” These are the twelve apostles according to Apostle Matthew’s arrangement:

1. Simon Peter, son of Jona (Barjona)

2. Andrew Peter, son of Jona

3. James Boanerges (James the elder), son of Zebedee

4. John Boanerges, son of Zebedee

5. Philip

6. Bartholomew Nathaniel

7. Thomas Didymus

8. Matthew Levi

9. James (James the Less), son of Alphaeus

10. Lebbaeus Thaddaeus (Judas, not Iscariot)

11. Simon the Canaanite (aka Zelotes)

12. Judas Iscariot


(1) Cummings, G. (2008). A Study of the Twelve Apostles. Oklahoma: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC