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Ankle Bracelets, Birthstone rings, and other Gemstone Jewelry


Crystals and gemstones are such beautiful pieces of nature's creation. Indeed so beautiful they are used as jewelry by both males and females. Aside from being more popularly used for their metaphysical properties, these can also be used as decorations in the house as well as ornaments for the body.

 Amethyst Ankle Bracelet

Crystal or Gemstone Ankle Bracelets

There are jewelries that are specifically made as ankle bracelets, but in the event that you cannot find one, you could use a regular bracelet around your ankle. Ankle bracelets or anklets for short are ideally worn with shorts or miniskirts so that it could be seen and highlighted.

Crystal and Gemstone Bracelets

Crystal or Gemstone Bracelets

There are a variety of crystals and gemstones that are used for jewelry. Some are affordable and some are expensive like that of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. If you prefer the more expensive ones, ask for a certification that indicates the gem's number of carats and the source were the gem is sourced.

Crystal and Other Stone Pendants

Crystal or Gemstone Pendants

A simple necklace made of stainless steel or silver hanged with a crystal pendant will surely make a fashion statement. Whether or not you are using the crystal for its metaphysical properties or just as an accessory, it will truly make a fine addition to your closet.

Birthstone Rings and Earrings

Birthstone Rings

Here are the birthstones according to month - Garnet (January), Amethyst (February), Aquamarine (March), Diamond (April), Emerald (May), Pearl (June), Ruby (July), Peridot (August), Sapphire (September), Opal (October), Topaz (November), and Turquiouse (December.) When crystals become gem-grade, they become more expensive.

Crystal or Gemstone Earrings

These earrings, depending on how intricate and fancy their finishing is, can be worn on a daily basis or during special occasions like weddings or candlelight dinners. It is more appropriate to wear fancy earrings during special occasions, but on the other hand, simple earrings can be worn on special occasions.

A Final Note

Other jewelries like necklaces, hairpins, and brooches can also be embellished with crystals or gemstones. Be careful though when wearing jewelry and try not to overdo it. For example if your necklace is already heavily studded with sapphire try not to fill your fingers with dazzling rings. A brooch will look fine without a necklace on and a crystal hairpin will look great without earrings. For a selection of crystal jewelries, please do visit our store at 2W 14th St. New York, NY. See you there!