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Are You Looking for Inner Peace?


There comes a time when the world seems too busy, when our everyday lives are filled with too much of what we can really handle in a day. We feel this inner yearning for a time for ourselves and so we say “I wish I had time for myself.” In this particular moment we actually yearn for a union with our God (Brahman), to look within the core of our being. That which answers the inner desire to commune with the self is actually a desire also to commune with our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is what is closest to God. Through communion with our Higher Self we achieve union with God.

To answer this inner yearning commenced the invention of practices like meditation, retreat houses, mantras, and prayers. Why are meditation, retreat houses, mantras, and prayers around? It is because our inner self which is our Higher Self is naturally connected to our heart whose nature is heard in quietude and regular communication with our God. Quietude is achieved during meditation while regular communication with God is achieved through prayer. During meditation, we empty our minds by focusing on a single object (e.g. a pumice rock). During mantras, we utter a rote word, phrases, or sentences which affirm the name or manifestations of our Divine Creator (e.g. Om or Aum.) During prayer, we say through our mouths or through our minds that which we want to say to God. All these three- meditation, mantras, and prayers, we can do while in retreat houses which are really designed for an individual’s inner peace.

May this eternal inner peace be with you!


Meg Si