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Ayurvedic Medicine (Ayurveda) : Cordyceps


Cordyceps Sinensis on a caterpillar’s end 

Cordyceps sinensis (C. Sinensis) is a fungi living on a caterpillar and is said to cure 21 kinds of sicknesses in Sikkim, India in the Himalayas (2). In China, it is also used as herbal medicine and its active ingredients or components are extracted and cultured in the laboratories (3). It is used to treat the kidneys, liver, heart, sexuality, blood sugar, fatigue, lungs, and etc. in China. And because cordyceps has active ingredients that are curative in a wide variety of illnesses, quality control is very necessary to make sure that it is safe and effective to use (3).

Ayurvedic medicine treats cordyceps as a “rasayana herb, an herb that is rejuvenating to prana”(1). It is said to produce reproductive fluids and is a remedy for cough and asthma. Contrary to the study made in China (3), it is said to be safe to consume for a long time without side effects because it is just like food (1).

Whether or not you decide to take cordyceps as medicine, please do consult an ayurvedic or Chinese doctor for that matter and avoid self-medication.


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