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Bergamot Oil


Bergamot oil is extracted from the skin sacs of the fruit of bergamot orange (Citrus bergamia/ Citrus aurantium) (1). The 

best types of bergamot are harvested in Calabria, south Italy. This fruit is used as candy and as essential oil. It smells great for colognes as well. The color of the bergamot oil is pale green.

The traditional use for this oil is as mood lifter and antiseptic. For insomnia and nervous anxiety, add 3 drops of bergamot oil in your bath and sit there for 15 minutes. For depressive moods, add 3 drops of bergamot oil in your handkerchief and then pin it in your clothes so that when it evaporates you could smell it and have its uplifting aroma. You could also use 3 drops at the vaporizer, or carry a bottle around so you could open its lid anytime you need that extra boost.

Bergamot has no clinical trials that it treats depression, so do not substitute this for medications. Do not use bergamot oil on the skin because when it gets heated by sunlight, it will cause redness, blistering, and Berloque dermatitis allergy which makes brown stains on the skin (1).

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(1) Bowles, E.J. (2003). The A to Z of Essential Oils What They Are Where They Come From How They Work. NY: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.