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Black crystals


These black crystals are known to absorb and deflect negative energy or protect our auras from psychic vampires – those people who drain our energy noticeable after they leave us (2). For example, black tourmaline, in detail, is very good at protecting us from toxins, electromagnetic stress, and negative psychic attacks (2). While these colors absorb or deflect energies, the other colors in the spectrum stimulate positive energies. Here are some of the black crystals according to Judy Hall’s Encyclopedia of Crystals (credits to Wikimedia Commons for the free pictures):

Apache Tear (Black Obsidian)

Basanite (Black Jasper)

Black Actinolite

Black Calcite

Black Kyanite

Black Opal

Black Quartz

Black Sapphire

Black Spinel

Black Tourmaline

Jade also has a black version, though the green color is most common. There is also a crystal called Jet, where the term “jet-black”originated. You could grab affordable pocket and decorative crystals and Judy Hall’s book about crystals at our store at 2W 14th St. New York, New York. See you there!


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