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Buddha Statues Meaning: Shakti Buddha / Shiva-Shakti/ Yab-Yum


This posture of the Buddha is symbolic of the union between the feminine and masculine principles of creation. The male is Shiva (Yab, father, inactive, consciousness) and the female Shakti (Yum, active, power as manifest in matter.) This form of tantric sexuality is a reenactment of the creation ritual in cosmos as it is also done on a human level (1). On a cosmic level, the creation of galaxies, solar systems, and planets is reflective of the process of union between the Spirit (Yab) and Matter (Yum). When a child is born during intercourse that would be the creation ritual on a microcosmic/personal level.

For your own personal use, you could have one as inspiration or as something you could meditate on especially when you are trying to conceive a baby, you want to enkindle a loving atmosphere, or you are practicing Tantric yoga with this asana.

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(1) Michaels, M. & Johnson, P. ( 2006). The Essence of Tantric Sexuality. Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications