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Dawoud and Islamic Music


Dawoud, the World Jazz, Electronica, Fusion artist is currently creating a musical masterpiece about the 7 levels of heaven as experienced by Prophet Muhammad in the Islamic tradition (1). Muhammad’s experience can be found written in Isra wa Miraj, hence the artist wants to name the 7-part musical recordings as “Isra wa Miraj Suite.” What happened was Muhammad had an out-of-body experience where he ascended to the seven levels of heaven during a very challenging part of his life (his wife and first born son died, and his followers were being persecuted) (2).

This is definitely something to look forward to as Dawoud would want to create something that would “stimulate the corresponding chakras” (2). It is through this path that Dawoud found out that there is also the teachings of chakras in the Islamic tradition. Chakras are called “al-Latifíah (lit. Subtleties)” there (2.)


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