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Elderly Massage


The senior citizens when massaged generally have to be gentler than what you do for the younger ones. One must take into consideration that the bones have gone brittle now and the skin has become thinner on an average. So you must skip the deep tissue massage and the knuckling (1). Though this is so, we must not generalize this. Still ask for the preference of your client or the person you are massaging if the pressure is just right for them. You might get surprised if you get different responses. But in general, just be a little more careful when handling the elderly. More oil will be beneficial for the skin and will also allow for more lubrication.

You could do a foot massage for them which go like this:

1. Cup the ankle and the top of the foot with your hands drizzled with oil. Wiggle your hands back and forth so that the ankle will go to the side of your hand.

2. Rotate the ankle.

3. Do the caterpillar walk (thumb on the sole and other fingers on top of the foot) from the ball to the heel and then back and forth. Follow this with the sliding movements.

4. Rub the top of the foot from the toes to the foot while using circular movements. Start with the big toe down to the little toe.

5. Go back to step one then feather down the energy to the toes to end the sequence.

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(1) Rowen, B. (2003). Massage Touch Therapy for Relaxation. New York: Barnes & Noble