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Engraved gifts: Serenity stones


If you’re looking for engraved gifts, you might want to choose serenity stones. Serenity stones are made from smooth natural river rocks, polished and engraved with positive and inspirational words like: serenity, strength, patience, love, etc. Since the engraving has expanded to words other than serenity, you could actually call the stone whichever is engraved on it (e.g. Patience stone, Strength stone).

You might think why should anyone buy a stone like this? There are many uses for this stone, namely:

1. Personal inspiration - having to hold on stone the trait you need more at the moment

2. Paper weight - great for the office or a work desk

3. Decoration - these stones are polished and beautifully crafted, you might want to place these in a Zen garden or a Zen corner in a room or in other rooms

4. Gifts - for friends and loved ones

5. Giveaways - you could use it as bulk tokens given after weddings, conferences, church gatherings, etc.

As you look at these rocks you might remember the stones used for therapy, heated rocks placed at the back following the spine. Those are black basalt rocks that can also be found on rivers. However, what we have on the picture commonly used for engraving is the white/gray limestone river rocks.

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