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Feng Shui Bedroom


Feng Shui is the Chinese art and science of placing objects around each other in a harmonious way. Primarily, there is an energy flow called chi that revolves all objects and even nature altogether. Since the bedroom is a place in the house where we rest, sleep, and seek refuge in at the end of the day, wouldn’t it be nice to ensure that the energies within the room is as harmonious as possible? Here are Ian Newton’s guidelines how to create a Feng Shui Bedroom (1).

1. The two bed sides must be accessible (not blocked against the wall). There should also be two side cabinets to facilitate energy flow.

2. The bed must not be in line with the door. You could use dividers or big plants for your bed to not face the door.

3. For the air to come in the room, just open the window. If you will need an air filter, place it where it is not obtrusive. Make sure it is quiet as well. But as much as possible, do not use an air filter.

4. Do not place televisions and bulky items like exercise equipment in the bedroom.

5. Do not watch television and read inside the bedroom. As much as possible just use it for sleeping and having sex.

6. When using candles in the room, make sure that the scent is not overwhelming to the point of disrupting the chi.

7. Close all the doors before sleeping.

8. Your head must not be in direct line with a door when sleeping.

9. Use relaxing and enticing (to sleep) colors in the bedroom.

10. Use decorations leading to where you want to go in life, i.e. goal/s in life.

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(1) Newton, I. (n.d.) Feng Shui Decorating: More than Furniture Placement.