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Feng shui for the Modern-Day Reader


How noticeable it is to see the Chinese anywhere in the world! It is indeed common to spot a Chinatown in almost every country. And with people comes their culture, traditions, and even food for that matter. One of the traditions which they carry is the practice of Feng shui (n.d.) which means wind-water in English. It is actually a system of “harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment.”

Commonly, Feng Shui is used in construction and interior design. During business development - that is, finding a location for a house or building; to architectural design; and then to the arrangement of furnitures - Feng shui is applied. For example, the location of the mountain, the river, the road, in connection with the house must be considered; then the positioning of the kitchen with the bedroom etc must be checked; and then finally the furnitures and other objects in the house must be in harmony with each other, with the rooms, and with the natural resources at large. Now you would say that ah! There is indeed a connection with nature, with man-made objects, and with man himself.


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