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Feng Shui House: Main Entrance


Feng Shui is the Chinese practice of harmonizing the chi or energy within any given space usually that of the house and of the office. For every part and object in the house there is a recommended positioning relative to the other objects and directions in the house in order to maximize the smooth and harmonious chi. Here are some of the guidelines that you must follow in order to make that A+ feng shui main entrance (1):

1. Make sure that the room or house number is clearly marked on the door or gate.

2. If you have two entrance doors, choose one to make clear that it is the one numbered as main entrance. If you have a door from the garage towards the house, DO NOT make that the main entrance, make the front door main instead.

3. Open the main entrance door atleast once a door to welcome the chi into the house.

4. The best direction that the main entrance door would be facing is SOUTH.

5. Paint the entrance door red, or hang something red on or above it, or paint the entrance number with red.

6. Make sure the door and the door mat are clean.

7. If your entrance door when opened faces a stairs right away, hang a crystal half way the door and the stairs AND place a potted plant at the foot of the stairs so that the chi will not exit right away.

8. If your apartment is at the basement, hang a wind chime halfway of the stairs to the door or above the door. Place also a mirror on the door to get the chi. Make sure that the way down to the apartment is well lit.

9. For doors that open inward the house, hang wind chimes on the door to alert you of visitors and also to welcome good chi.

10. If your address number is not desirable or considered bad luck, you could paint the numbers differently so the emphasis will not be the numbers altogether but individually.

11. If your entrance directly faces the back or yard door, place a folding screen, beaded curtains, or plants to block the chi going out right away. If not possible, place a crystal hanging on the front door.

12. “Avoid clutter around the entrance.”

13. When you enter and there’s a wall blocking right away, hang a mirror on it.

14. If the door bumps onto another door, hang a red string on both.

15. Make sure the house when you enter is softly lit.

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(1) Rogers, B. (2005). Feng Shui in a Day. Massachusetts: Red Wheel/ Weiser, LLC