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Feng Shui Living Room


Feng Shui is the Chinese tradition of positioning objects, buildings, and nature in harmony with each other. Sometimes when you walk inside a house you would have a general feel of what the energy in the house is. For example, if the house is too cluttered and disorganized, you would get a disturbing feeling when you get there. But, if you walk into a room with a nice ventilation and lighting, and the room is organized and clean, you would probably be in awe with that house and say “wow!” There are specific guidelines in making your living room feng shui friendly. Here are Ian Newton’s guidelines for doing just that (1):

1. Ceilings must be flat. If the ceilings aren’t flat you would have to hang wind chimes or bamboo pieces.

2. Close doors near and around the living room most especially the bath room which is the “major culprits in removing positive energy from another room.”

3. Chairs must be even in number. Sofa must not be pushed against the wall, meaning there should be a little bit of space for the energy to flow. Chairs and sofa must not be facing another room in the house.

4. Offer the best seats to your guests.

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(1) Newton, I. (n.d.) Feng Shui Decorating: More than Furniture Placement.