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Feng Shui Office: Command Position in a Room Full of People and Objects


In a room full of people like the one illustrated above, the command position will be number 3 (1). Though all of them don’t have a view of the door since their cubicle blocks it, the least distracted and best view of all is number 3 (if she/he stands). To contradict the energy of a co-worker who is not helpful to you or the boss being too close to you, place a crystal paper holder or a candle holder in front of that person (see number 4). Remember that the Command Position is the leader position allowing you to get the most success possible. The Command Position has the view of all including those coming in and out of the door as well as other people and objects in the room. You might think why should we follow these feng shui suggestions, actually it is not required for you to do, but if you feel exhausted or you feel like you are not working with the best of what you can, consider following these feng shui principles. Other suggestions to give you the best flow of energy in the workplace (1):

1. Do not sit under a ceiling beam. Otherwise, place a windchime or crystal on the beam.

2. Stay away from traffic halls like comfort room, pantry, or elevator. These will distract you and lower your productivity. To counteract these distractions, you could place dividers.

3. Edge of tables, cabinets, or rooms is called poison arrows that should not point directly to you. In the flow of energies, this can cause you anxiety in your work. So what you could do is to push the furniture away, hang a crystal or wind chime or place plants, lamps, or dividers to diffuse the poison arrow.

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(1) Wilking, K. (2013). Practical Feng Shui for the Office: Finding Your Individual Balance in the Workplace. Indiana: iUniverse