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How to Clean A Yoga Mat


Yoga mats can be reused without having to be cleaned – WRONG. Yoga mats need to be cleaned because the sweat along with your body’s toxin as well as the floor’s dirt can be left clinging to the mat. Gillian Willoughby had a fungal ringworm infection from the mat she has been using for 3 times a week during evenings (1). Aside from the mat user to have created the fungus, other yoga practitioners could also leave the germs on the floor after sessions. So it is important to disinfect not only the mats but also the floors. If you are using the yoga mats in the gym or studio, you could tell if there are germs already if it smells like cheese says Dr. Mark Stafford (1). What you could do is to ask how and how often do they clean the area and the mats so you know and so that they may be reminded of it. Best is to have a yoga mat of your own. How to clean a yoga mat gives you the ways you could clean your mat all in this one article, read on.

1. Wiping.

If your mat is just a little bit dirty, you could just wipe it off using a sponge or a terry cloth rag dampen with this solution – 4 drops of dish soap with 2 cups of water. Rub it and then hang dry. (1)

2. Hand-washing.

If your mat is really dirty, hand-wash it in warm water with just a few detergent. Squeeze the soap off using water. Place towel on it then roll it to squeeze further. Step on the mat so the excess water is thoroughly removed. Hang dry. (1)

3. Jo-Sha Wipes

If you happen to not have the time in cleaning the mat at home, you could buy Jo-Sha Wipes which comes in Lavender, Tangerine, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint scents and use it to clean your mat before you start with your session. You could also use it to clean your skin before starting, for cleaning yoga props, and cleaning other equipment. (2)

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