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How to Play Crystal Singing Bowls


In preparing the crystal singing bowls, put the rubber ring or the rolled cloth stopper underneath it to secure it in place. For the mallet, there are two kinds of mallets one is with a rubber ball on one end and the other is a suede-covered wooden mallet. Use the one you are more comfortable in using.

There are two ways of playing the crystal singing bowl namely:

1. By tapping - you hit the side of the bowl gently to create a sound like that of a gong being hit.

2. By encircling the rim of the bowl to create a long echoing note. Before encircling the rim, tap the bowl once, twice, or thrice first so the vibration has been initiated. Do this encircling slowly so that you create a meditative music. Do this fast to create a high frequency sound which is good for room cleansing. Be careful though not to scratch the crystal bowl though with the wooden body of the mallet.

The extra-large-sized ones is best for group use, for group meditation. The smallest ones are ideal for creating the high-frequency tones because it is easier to circumnavigate the mallet around the rim fast than the bigger ones. This bowls come in different colors too and are usually made of quartz crystal.

Watch a crystal singing bowl choir perform here. or listen to a meditation video with two singing bowls right here. Watch this interesting video of crystal bowls floating on a swimming pool and learn how to feel the sound vibrations of the bowls through the water.

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