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Is Reincarnation Real?


Just like for any other belief, we would want to know if indeed this belief is real and is not a hoax or a lie created by the whims of human beings. So, is reincarnation real? How could we tell that it’s real? The sceptics have objections to reincarnation which we will tackle here in detail based on Annie Besant’s explanations (1) and at the end decide for ourselves if indeed it is true, if we want to believe or not.

1. How come we don’t remember our past lives?

According to Besant, the reason is that because our lower mind (with the physical brain) is left to die and changed to ashes. The lower mind carries with it the memory of that incarnation, but the higher mind is preserved which carries with it the eternal God qualities we have made alongside the memory of our incarnation.

2. If people reincarnate how come the population is growing?

It is because the souls waiting to be born are more than that with bodies already. The waiting span is very long, so it seems as if it’s growing. It’s not a 1:1 substitution, a new soul is born. A new soul will only be born when the time is ripe.

3. How does reincarnation fit in the science of heredity?

Reincarnation still supports heredity, but it teaches that not all are traits and features of a human being are taken from the parents. Such instances are geniuses which cannot be reverted back to the parents or ancestors. There are also the instance of a virtuous child being born into a vicious family and vice-versa.


(1) Besant, A. (1985). Reincarnation. India: Vasantra Press