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Jewelry loupe or magnifier


A jewelry loupe or magnifier is essential in buying gem-grade crystals. This loupe is usually one piece and is used to look at the tiny inscriptions on jewellery and to examine the characteristics of the gems. Clarity is natural markings on the gems which would look like flaws (2). With the aid of a jeweller’s loupe, you would be able to verify what is written on the jewellery’s certification. For example if you are buying a diamond, certain grades are given on the clarity, colour, and cut.

If you are a collector, about to buy a jewellery or gem, or you are already an owner, having your own loupe is a good investment (1). Bell recommends buying a 2 ½ power loupe for most markings and a 10 power loupe for examining stones. The higher the power of the loupe, the more expensive it becomes. If you don’t like to buy one, you could just ask to borrow the jeweller’s loupe in the store if you are canvassing or about to buy.


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