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Reiki for Your Pets and Other Animals


Figure 1 Cat recieving Reiki

Reiki when transliterated means “spiritual energy”(1). It was developed by Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s up to the early 1900’s. Now the system of Reiki is being used to “lay hands” or to heal using the hands. This energy found in our hands is an energy found elsewhere in the universe- such is a principle in quantum physics. Reiki is treated as an adjunct to mainstream medicine and it has been found to be beneficial in hospitals, hospices, and AIDS/cancer clinics. Since it is found to be effective to humans, the practice was extended to animals as well. Though similar, the approach for animals is different. The way animals respond to the Reiki practitioner will depend on the ability of the therapist to connect with what the animal is thinking or feeling. This part is a specialty of Cesar Millan, the infamous Dog Whisperer.

So how does Reiki work? The Reiki practitioner offers an “energetic connection and bridge of “balance”” for the pet or animal to be able to self-heal and restore its natural balance. It is not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Do not worry too because a pet receiving reiki will only receive energy in so much as it is willing to (1).

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(1) Prasad, K. (2009). The Animal Reiki Handbook: Finding Your Way with Reiki in Your Local Shelter, Sanctuary, or Rescue. USA: Shelter Animal Reiki Association