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Reincarnation Stories: Proof of Reincarnation PART I


Reincarnation is one of the basic teachings in the religions Hinduism and Buddhism. However, in Christianity it has been removed altogether though there has been a slip when Jesus mentions the second coming of the prophet Elijah through John the Baptist. Is it truly possible for a deceased person to come back in a new body? Here we study the proofs of reincarnation through real life stories about vivid recollections of past lives.

1. The 14th Dalai Lama (1)

life. It is the test through which he must past in order to be hailed as the next Dalai Lama. In the 1997 movie entitled Kundun, it was shown there how a little boy was able to identify his personal belongings among other similar items like for example a comb mixed with other combs etc. It is the remembrance and verification of him being the Dalai Lama.It is customary for the next Dalai Lama to be able for him to recognize his previous belongings from his latest previous 

2. James Leininger (2)

In the book Soul Survivor, couples Bruce and Andrea Leininger wrote the story of how their 2 year-old son, James Leininger, vividly remembers a lot of his previous life as a WWII airforce pilot who died in the war against the Japanese. When James was still little, he had nightmares of how he died in the ocean. He was also able to draw on paper memories of his past life as the pilot including remembering the painting of her sister that only 

he, his mom, and his two sisters know. When James, Bruce, and Andrea went to the island where James previously died, he left a bouquet of flowers there in the ocean and then he started to weep in remembrance of his painful death. Afterwards, his drawings start to become lighter in theme – the oceans were filled now with jumping dolphins, instead of his previous drawings that were really bloody.


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