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Reincarnation Stories: Proof of Reincarnation PART II


Dr. Ian Stevenson, psychiatrist by profession, has studied reincarnation intensively. He said that children who have recall of their previous life usually are 2-5 years of age and the age they stop remembering is 5-7. We will mention in this article some of the cases about children who remembered their past lives (1).

1. Gladys Deacon

Gladys of Leicestershire, England has a special fondness for the name Margaret. When she was 11, she and her mother went on a train trip to Dorset, that is when Gladys suddenly remembered that she fell on the hill there as a little girl named Margaret. Her mother scolded her for making such a statement, but when Gladys turned 28 she got the chance to confirm that a young Margaret Kempthorne did lived and died there in Dorset. She also has fear of falling (though she did not fall as a young Gladys). Falling was how young Margaret died in Dorset.

2. Jenny McLeod

Jenny from Aberdeen, Scotland remembered a past life when she was being fed by her grandmother, Mary Gordon, on her lap. Apparently, Jenny recalls that she is Bessie Gordon, the mother of Mary Gordon. Jenny just blurted out “Do you remember when I used to feed you, Grannie?.” Jenny, at the age of 2, was able to recall street names near Bessie Gordon’s house accurately without her having the chance to learn about the street names in Portree.


(1) Stevenson, I. (2003). European Cases of the Reincarnation Type. North Carolina: McFarland & Company Inc.