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Just as you would prepare for others during massage, give yourself the same benefits as you would give to others. This means, make a massage date for you. Make the ambience conducive to massage. Dim the lights, light aromatherapy candles, keep the room warm, prepare enough bath towels around. In the duration of the massage, use your preferred aromatherapy essential oils (make sure it’s a mixture of carrier oils and essential oils, not just pure essential oil because it will burn your skin).

Massaging your feet. Sit on a chair and then place your right foot on your left knee. Rotate your toes starting from the big toe. Do the caterpillar walk of the thumbs from the sole to the heel and then in between the toes, then do that back and forth. Hold your foot with both hands and then rotate it clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Do these steps for your left foot.

Massaging your legs. Like in feet massage, place your leg on the opposite leg (cross-legs). Do gliding motions from the ankles to your calf muscles, and finally at the back of your knee. Do these several times. For your upper leg, massage it from your inside muscles down to the back of the knee. Do these as much as you like and also for the opposite leg.

Massaging your abdomen. Apply oil on your stomach while lying on your back (preferably on a mattress). Stroke your right hand up the navel. While stroking down your right hand, make circular massages using your left hand as it goes down the abdomen. Do this for the other side. Now, massage deeply up the sternum. Massage from the shoulder down the sides of the breasts and the sides of the stomach. Repeat these steps and feel the relaxing movements.

Massaging your neck and shoulders. Put your hand in your neck and squeeze. Do this repeatedly. Now add your thumb in the squeezing and determine how much pressure you want in this process. Now combine these squeezing and pressing starting from the neck down the shoulders and do some circular finger massages along the way.

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