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Stonehenge Bluestone


Stonehenge is said to have been erected 5000 years ago (1). It is located in Amesbury Wiltshire, England. The monument is made up of a smaller inner circle with 82 bluestones and a larger outer circle made of sarcen stones. The purpose of the monument is unknown but it is theorized that it is a center of healing. The formation of the Stonehenge does conform to the solar and lunar calendars used by the Neolithic people; hence, it is undeniably a primitive form of telling the dates and seasons. It could also be a memorial place or a place where people can communicate with their ancestors.

Slabs of bluestones like the picture above can be found elsewhere in the UK like this one it’s found in Carn Menyn. It is still a mystery how the stones were transported towards the Stonehenge area. Others say that it was transported by humans; others say it was through glacial means.

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(1) Clark, N.A. (2008). Stonehenge Bluestone: The Story of the Secret Preseli Treasure. UK: Cottage Publishing.