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Essential oils are fragrant and concentrated that it has been used in a variety of bath and body products including cologne. The difference between cologne and perfume is the proportion between the essential oil and the alcohol base. You could use it for yourself or you could give it as a gift. Alternatively it can also be used as a room deodorizer when you put it in a spray bottle.

1. Put some vodka in a bottle. Leave a little bit of space for the essential oil.

2. Now put two drops of essential oils of your preference. Don’t be afraid to mix essential oils.

3. Shake the bottle and make a test smell to tell if the scent is already enough for you.

4. Now put some more drops of oil until you get to the scent you want.

5. Feel free to put label and some decorations on your bottle.

6. Keep bottle away from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.

Remember that the more you put essential oils (the greater the concentration is), the closer the cologne gets converted to perfume. If you desire to make perfume, just put more oil in the mixture. 

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