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The Incense Ritual of Cleansing and Clearing


When someone got sick, died, or there is negative energy in a room or an area, one can conduct the incense ritual of cleansing and clearing (Kinkele, 2005.) Through this ritual we can change the negative energy into positive energy in the process of converting darkness into light through the use of incenses. Kinkele (2005) uses the metaphor of “simple energy hiding the sunshine like invisible clouds which may now disperse.”

The author suggests 9 incense materials to be mixed for this ritual namely:

1.Dragon blood



4.Cedar wood

5.Juniper berries


7.Asafoetida (smells like garlic)



He also adds that 4 symbolic items for the elements be prepared - match/lighter for fire, shell or leaf for water, stone for earth, and feather for air. It should be clear that during the ritual, the intent of the person/s conducting it should be positive - that is, the prayer should be filled with “life, love, happiness, and joy.” Make sure that the doors and windows are closed before starting the ritual. First, light the incenses. Second, bless the incenses’ smoke with the stone. Third, bless the smoke with shell/leaf. Fourth, bless the smoke with the feather. Fifth, move in a clockwise and then counterclockwise direction across the room, fanning the incense with the feather. Sixth, put the container down. Lastly, come back after 2-3 hours and then open the windows and doors, this time your room has been cleansed and cleared.

This ritual is similar to inviting a Roman Catholic priest to bless a house or a room. The priest would bring holy water and a frankincense placed on a dangling golden cup as he walks across the room while saying his prayers. Sometimes the priest would just bring his holy water and prayer booklet. In this ritual, the room/house is blessed and ward off from evil spirits and the Holy Spirit of God is invited instead.


Kinkele, T. (2005). Incense and Incense Rituals. India: Health Harmony