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Turquoise, Jade, Emerald, Peridot, Alexandrite, Moldavite, and other Green Gems


There are several green gems and crystals in the market and most popular of them are turquoise, jade, emerald, peridot, alexandrite, and moldavite. The color green is oftentimes associated with healing and abundance that’s why the Chinese would recommend using jade for personal and business use. Here we will provide you with pictures of these precious and semi-precious stones so you could be familiar with them especially when you decide on purchasing one. Credits to Wikimedia Commons for the photos:

Agate (green & white)

Amber (green)

Alexandrite (green in sunlight and fluorescent light, purple / red-violet in incandescent/candle light)


Andesine – labradorite

Andalusite (green chiastolite)

Apatite (green)

Aquamarine (opaque blue-green beryl)

Calcite (green)

Chrome Uvite Tourmaline (green)


Chrysopal/ Chrysoprase (blue-green)

Demantoid (yellow-green to emerald green garnet)

Diopside (lime green to dark green)

Emerald (green beryl)

Fluorite (green)


Hiddenite (Spodumene)






Quartz (green aventurine)

Quartz (green phantom)

Spinel (green)

Tsavorite (green garnet)


Uvarovite Garnet (green)

Zircon (olive- green)

Zoisite (green)

The other green gems and crystals are Diamond (green), Jasper (green), Muscovite (green), Obsidian (green), Opalite (green), Rhodonite, Sapphire (green corundum), Serpentine (green), Sunstone (green), and Tanzanite (green). Visit our store and witness some of the green stones, crystals, and gemstones featured at 2 W 14th Street New York, New York.


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