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Using Crystals on Children and Babies


Babies and children are more sensitive to subtle energies than adults. We have lost this sensitivity as we grew old. These young ones can also benefit from these wonderful crystals the same way as we do, but extra care must be done for their safety. During the first few months of babies into the outside world, they experience a lot of adjustments from the watery womb they were first into. With these adjustments, the rose quartz can help them calm down and take their stress from them.

The small crystal stones must be kept away from children because this is a choking hazard for them. The big crystal displays must also be kept far because it could fall over them and knock them down. Sometimes there are also protrusions in these that could wound your little ones. But as children grow into teenagers, you could have these safe around.

1. Rose quartz to calm babies

Ø Place rose quartz under the crib to aid in baby’s sleep and if baby had a difficult birth process. Just make sure it is out of reach of the baby and it is not too small so the child won’t choke.

2. Crystals for children’s good sleep

Ø Just as the babies’, you could use the rose quartz underneath the pillow of older children for sweet dreams.

Ø You could also use tumbled amethyst to prevent nightmares. Place this under the pillow.

Ø To prevent sleepwalking, use the moonstone under the pillow.

Ø You could use a dream catcher with hanging rose quartz, amethyst, and moonstone as well.

Ø Prayers to guardian angels at night will also help your child feel secure and safe in sleep.

3. Crystals to calm and de-stress children

Ø You could have these placed on your child’s pocket or have it hang as jewelry:

Ø Calming and loving rose quartz

Ø De-stressing and calming blue lace agate

Ø Nervousness remover aquamarine

Ø For protection some clear quartz or hematite

4. Other crystal uses for children to use

Ø Sodalite to help child express himself well

Ø Aquamarine for happiness and a clear mind

Ø Carnelian for strength and cheerfulness

Ø Tiger’s eye or citrine for confidence and courage

Ø To make it more child-friendly, buy the ones shaped in animals.

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