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Using Tibetan Singing Bowls for Sound and Vibration Healing


The Tibetan Singing Bowls can be used to take away sickness in our body through vibrational sound healing (1). When 

we are out of tune in terms of our vibrations emanating from our physical, “mental, emotional, and subtle bodies”, we develop illness. When we use the singing bowl and make a relaxing sound out of it, we can re-attune our vibration back to good health. Even quantum physics proves that everything there is in the universe is vibration. Therefore, the vibration from the singing bowls can really affect our body, mind, and spirit. It “radiates out negative energy” in us and then leaves us with positive energy that is calming, relaxing, peaceful, and meditative.

Suren Shrestha said that “Healing through sound and vibration has been known to reduce stress, improve concentration, reduce blood pressure, stimulate life force flow in the body, improve immunity, harmonize the chakras with the energy field, heighten intuition and perception, sychronize the brain hemispheres, remove mental and emotional negativity, and enhance creativity” (1). Suren, from Nepal, notes that very few alternative healers practice the use of singing bowls for sound and vibrational healing now - such as Master Dorje Tingo of Kimathanka and Jejen Lama. But healing using Tibetan singing bowls are an ancient tradition already in Nepal’s Kimathanka region and its northern region next to Tibet.

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(1). Shrestha, S. (2009). How to Heal with Singing Bowls Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods. Colorado: Sentient Publications