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What is a Himalayan Rock Salt (Halite)?


Himalayan rock salt is a salt mined in Pakistan near the Himalayas and is sometimes pink, reddish, off-white, or transparent in color (2) It is used as seasoning, table salt, bath salt, and salt lamps. Himalayan rock salt contains 84 trace elements and iron that’s why it is considered as a healthy substitute for traditional sea salt (Saltworks as cited in Disabled World 2013).

Reported health benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt (1):

* maintains sex-drive

* for good sleep

* prevent muscle spasms

* strengthens the bones

* clears lungs and sinuses during cough and asthma

* bodily water regulation

* prevention of varicose veins on your legs

* balances excessive acidity on the brain cells

Among the trace minerals in this salt, these are the most in number in order (3):

* Chloride 590.93 g/kg - w/ sodium makes salt for water retention & muscle contraction

* Sodium 382.61 g/kg - w/ sodium makes salt for water retention & muscle contraction

* Sulfur 12.4 g/kg - important for the elasticity of joints, muscles, and skin

* Calcium 4.05 g/kg - important for the formation of bone and teeth

* Potassium 3.5 g/kg - keeping blood pressure at normal levels

* Oxygen 1.20 g/kg - for breathing

* Lithium 0.40 g/kg - for circadian rhythm regularity

* Hydrogen 0.30 g/kg - w/ oxygen makes water for vibrant skin and organs

* Magnesium 0.16 g/kg - for bone density and healthy cardiovascular system


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