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What is an Incense?


Incense is French for encens or encensen originally from the Latin word incensus which means “to cause a passion or emotion to become aroused” (1). It is indeed true because for every incense scent, there is a corresponding purpose for it. For example lavender and chamomile scent is for relaxation and good sleep, while rose and jasmine is for love and romance. This is the function of incense - to invoke a certain mood or atmosphere. Order one of our incenses here and choose the one which you feel like having today!

There are 10 virtues of incense according to a 6th century Japanese monk and his brothers (1).

“1. Incense brings communication with the transcendent.

2. Incense purifies mind and body.

3. Incense removes uncleanliness.

4. Incense brings alertness.

5. Incense is a companion to solitude.

6. In the midst of activity, incense brings a moment of peace

7. When there is plenty, one never tires of incense.

8. When there is little, still one is satisfied.

9. Age does not change the efficacy of incense.

10. Used every day, incense does no harm.”


(1) Rosen, D. (2002). Incense: Bringing Fragrance into the Home. Massachusetts: Storey Publishing