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What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is a form of natural therapy, a technique of applying gentle pressure on reflex points on the hands and on the 

feet with the purpose of stimulating the healing process in the body (2). It is a safe modality of holistic healing that even a pregnant woman can undergo. It is done through massage of the zonal reflex points. It stimulates a change (preferably healing) on a different part of the body other than the hands and feet (1). The idea there is that for every part of the feet or hands, there is an energy pathway or connection corresponding to another part of the body. Therefore, it is important to study the anatomy (parts) and physiology (function of the parts) of the feet and hands when doing reflexology so that you’ll be able to be careful in handling these parts as well as to properly correspond the reflex points with the body at large.

The practice of foot and hand reflexology is evident in a 2500BC year-old papyrus in Saqqara, Egypt in a tomb of Ankhmahor (1.) It was also seen in China as being practiced by Buddhist monks who later brought the practice to Japan as well. Cherokee Indians also practiced applying pressure on reflex points. Therefore, the origins of reflexology cannot be identified but can be said to have been practiced in different places in the world.


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