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Ylang-ylang Oil


Cananga odorata var. genuina or ylang-ylang is a tropical rainforest tree that must have originated in the Philippines. The flower is mixed with coconut oil to fragrantly soften the hair of women in the tropics. The oil is extracted from the flowers using steam distillation. In the perfume industry, the more the extraction fraction is, the more expensive the oil gets. For example, ”Ylang ylang Super Extra” is most expensive compared to the Extra, First, Second, or Third fractions – in decreasing order of price.

The ylang ylang oil can be used to uplift your moods. What you could do is to apply 1 drop of this oil onto your collarbone or the front of your clothes. This will serve as a perfume. If you need to heighten your sex drive you could be massaged with 5 drops of this oil with 2-3 tablespoons of carrier oil, or have a bath mixed with 3 drops of ylang ylang oil.

These are the properties of this oil: sedative (linalool), “possibly”anti-inflammatory, euphoric, anti-spasmodic, and relaxing and calming.

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