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Yoga Mat Bags


Not all yoga mats come with a sling bag with it. You might think of “Why not just carry the mat by itself, or just tie it with a cord or ribbon?” The answer is that, remember, this yoga mat when you carry by itself or just simply tie it with a cord or ribbon and when you place it God who knows where, it will carry whatever is on the floor, chair, or desk you placed it on. So if somebody left pizza crumbs on it, if somebody sneezed around the area, then your mat will absorb it too. So think of it this way. The Yoga mat bags will serve not just a carrier or container for your mat, but it will also serve as protection for it and ultimately for yourself. Imagine, as you unfold the mat on the floor, lay on it with the dead man position, you will of course absorb the microbes (if there are any) and other dirt on it. So just like what we’ve said on the previous article, hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. Wash or wipe clean your mat and ensure that the yoga studio is also clean by asking the management how they maintain it. If for example, you have a difficulty finding a yoga mat bag or it’s too expensive, there are online DIY tutorials that could help you make your own. For example, here is a resourceful DIY page we found. It’s about recycling an old cargo pants and creating that yoga mat sling bag. You can view it here:

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