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  • 'Wings™ roll-on 9 ml

Anointing Oil - 'Wings™ roll-on 9 ml


Product Description

Nurturing the Inspired and Spacious Mind

Materialism has many definitions, but for the modern human soul it is particularly characterized by a sense of compression. When we can no longer feel or affirm the spirituality of our inmost being, a sense of density replaces immensity; a feeling of severance replaces that of reverence.

The buoyant spaciousness of the soul is an essential component of joy; its absence is the cause of many forms of depression (literally, to suffer from the feeling of being deep-pressed). If the wings of the modern soul are wounded, how then are they mended? While the answers to finding spirituality may present themselves in many teachings and philosophies, they will not take hold within us, even when the words themselves are true, if we do not actively experience their reality. The Living Logos, or Creative Word within the human soul must be felt and heard as a true presence and potent force.

The Wings™ TerrAnoint™ Formula encourages greater connection to spiritual activity, so that its substance can be recognized and activated in the daily life of the soul.

Flower Essences

Lewisia, Alpine Aster, Mountain Angelica, Mountain Forget-Me-Not and Cosmos – Building awareness of the Spirit as a real and positive emanation; fostering the ability to notice shifts in consciousness, and subtle forms of communication in dreams and daily life

Lotus, California Poppy, Star Tulip, Morning Glory and Bird’s Eye Gilia –The translation of Spiritual imaginations and inspirations into actual soul reality and day to day activity; the ability to receive, register and radiate spirituality as a soul force

Downy Avens and Sierra Primrose – The translation of soul-spiritual activity into bodily structure, especially the capacity within the etheric space of the heart to contain and channel higher spiritual impulses; gratitude as the link from higher to earthly worlds, the receptive awareness for what is sent as a spiritual gift into one’s daily life

Essential Oils

Frankincense, Angelica and Lavender – To nourish the upward streaming forces of the soul’s wings

Sandalwood and Helichrysum - Providing grounding, depth and anchoring for soul-spirit activity

Rose, Grapefruit and Vanilla - Nurturing the inner space of the heart’s light as a container for soul expression

Text by Patricia Kaminski

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