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Gemstones and crystals which are believed to have healing properties are also used for therapy. You could actually go to a certified Crystal and Gemstone Therapist in order to experience this modality. There are authorized spas, clinics, and wellness centers who conduct this. An example would be “Lightstreams Diamond and Gemstone Therapy” in Seattle, Washington (1). Aside from conducting sessions they also teach students who want to be therapists by having a 6-month program including familiarization and sensitizing with the crystals, visualization and using crystals with intention, diagnostics, how to open a gemstone pharmacy, prescription of gemstone necklaces, how to open therapy business, and internship . There are probably other authorised teaching centers that you could go to in case you find Seattle far from where you are. Just consult the directories and the web for other similar schools. Another wellness center which offers this service is The Raj in Iowa (2). The Raj has a service called Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems which combines gemstones with light. They have a light beamer machine where 13 different precious gemstones are placed and then projected to the body of the person. It stimulates self-healing and acceleration to higher spiritual state of consciousness, as is one of the inclusions in Ayurvedic medicine. The Raj is indeed a haven for health and wellness, being an Authentic Ayurveda Health Spa which is not just helpful but it is a beautiful and dream-vacation place to be in.


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