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There are legions of angels with different rankings like that of the army that we have in the government. They are also called in different ways depending on their rank and here we will discuss that of the Archangels – 8th out of 9 in ranking. The word Archangel came from the Greek words Archi (chief) and Angelos (messenger of God). Doreen Virtue listed the names of the Archangels in her book Archangels 101 which is based from a research on Judeo-Christian texts: Bible, apocryphal books (not in the Bible but still considered as sacred writings by the Church like the Book of Enoch and the Book of Esdras), Kabbalah, Zohar, and the Q’uran (1).

The Archangels role is to watch over humans and their guardian angels who are 9th or last in the rank of angels (1). They embody an aspect of God, different to each one of them. For example Archangel Michael is “He who is like God”, Archangel Raphael is “God heals”, Archangel Azrael is “Whom God helps”, and Archangel Haniel is “The Grace of God.”Doreen lists here the Archangels she has found on her research:

1. Archangel Michael

2. Archangel Raphael

3. Archangel Gabriel

4. Archangel Uriel

5. Archangel Chamuel

6. Archangel Ariel

7. Archangel Metatron

8. Archangel Sandalphon

9. Archangel Azrael

10. Archangel Jophiel

11. Archangel Haniel

12. Archangel Raziel

13. Archangel Raguel

14. Archangel Jeremiel

15. Archangel Zadkiel

For more information you could read Doreen Virtue’s books Archangels 101, and Archangels and Ascended Masters.


(1) Virtue, D. (2010).Archangels 101. USA: Hay House Inc.