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It is easy to make homemade candles with essential oils. Scented candles truly make a statement out of a room, so gear up and ready to make new ones! Thanks to Sherman he shared to us steps on how to make basic candles with scent (1).

1. Boil water up to two inches in height.

2. Add wax while water is boiling.

3. Prepare mould or container while wax is melting.

4. Add the dye once the wax is completely melted. The color when the wax hardens becomes lighter than when it’s still melt.

5. Add the fragrance or essential oil then stir well.

6. Turn off the heat and then allow the mixture to settle.

7. Place the wick in the center of the container or mould.

8. Pour the mixture into the container or mould. Allow to dry.

9. Turn the mould upside down to remove the candle.


(1) Sherman, B. (2002). Candlemaking A Step by Step Guide from Beginner to Expert. New York: M. Evans and Company Inc.